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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This is BlackWarGreymon, which come form BANDAI's D-Arts series.
It is launched in 2011/05.
It is still a sealed box. And I don't gonna to open it.
So, just see the box art of it.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Warp Digivolving Figure-Agumon[アグモン] to WarGreymon[ウォーグレイモン]

As he is the first animation's main character, I think every digimon fans know him well.

This is a warp digivolving toy. Agumon can digivolve into WarGreymon.

Let's see this cool figure!

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Non-BANDAI Terriermon VS BANDAI Terriermon

Lovely Terriermon again!

WOW! Two Terriermon!

Um...They seem somewhere different.

Of course! One of them is made from BANDAI. Another one made from some China factory.
Let's see how they are distinct from another one.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Warp Digivolving Figure-Terriermon[テリアモン] to Saint(/Mega)Gargomon[セントガルゴモン]

The second Digimon figure I would like to introduce is Terriermon .

This is a warp digivolving toy. Terriermon can digivolve into Saint(/Mega)Gargomon.
Terriermon is the most lovely digimon that I think.
I collect a few more items on it. I will share in the future if I got sufficient time to accomplish them.

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Warp Digivolving Figure-Leomon[レオモン] to SaberLeomon[サーベルレオモン]

The first Digimon figure I would like to introduce is Leomon .

This is a warp digivolving toy. Leomon can digivolve into SaberLeomon.
I think it is a rare figure that there is seldom information about it.
I have bought it for several year. I would like to share this figure with all of you.

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

LEGO-camera stand for mobile phone

We all know that most of the camera stand cannot support mobile phone.

So I create this part to connect the mobile phone and the camera stand.

All my videos helps by this part of LEGO creation.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bring Zen Magnets/NeoCube into your life-memo stand

Other than LEGO NXT, I also play some interesting things, like zen magnets.

Zen magnets not only can compose in a geometric structure. We can also bring it into our life. it may become a muti-layer memo stand. It let you not only tape one memo on the memo stand. You can put as much as you can. (unless you have enough magnets and able to see all the memo)

It is just a simple cylinder. Do it yourself if you wish to own one!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

NeoCube/Zen Magnets-Tiny Cute Puppy Model

Other than LEGO NXT, I also play some interesting things, like zen magnets.

It takes 310 magnets. Actually, this tiny puppy thing is not easy to create. The magnets always repelled each other.(May be I am fresh to control them.) The shape have corrupt a few time, and I need to build it again.

If there is enough people who interest in, I may record the instruction iin future.
But it is quite easy to understand how it built. You can try your own first.

Mindstorms.NXT-Bi-Axles Wheel Rotates

Bi-Axles rotation
Outer rotation and inner rotation on the same axle.

Drop Ball Machine-create by NXT

This is the drop ball machine you may ever play in any indoor playground.
It is the non-finish stage(without score calculation).

First nxt robot video of mine - Rubik's Cube Solver

Design and program from
A little modification due to different size of the Rubik's Cube from the designer

LEGO Mindstorms Directory

First nxt robot video of mine - Rubik's Cube Solver Drop Ball Machine-create by NXT Mindstorms.NXT-Bi-Axles Wheel Rotates LEGO-camera stand for mobile phone

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Port Test Review

Concept Show Room
Lego Claw Act Like Crane Machine's Claw Simple and different ratchet that you can build

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Digimon Directory

Warp Digivolving Figure
Agumon to WarGreymon
アグモン to ウォーグレイモン
Agumon to BlackWarGreymon
アグモン(黒) ブラックウォーグレイモン
Agumon to WarGreymon
アグモン ウォーグレイモン

Greymon to MetalGreyumon
グレイモン to メタルグレイモン
Gabumon to MetalGarurumon
ガブモン to メタルガルルモン
Garurumon to WereGarurumon
ガルルモン to ワーガルルモン
Birdramon to Garudamon
バードラモン to ガルダモン

Kabuterimon to Megakabuterimon
カブテリモン to アトラーカブテリモン
Patamon to Angemon
パタモン to エンジェモン

Digi-Egg of Courage
to Flamedramon

勇気のデジメンタル to フレイドラモン
Digi-Egg of Friendship
to Raidramon

友情のデジメンタル to ライドラモン
Digi-Egg of Miracles
to Magnamon

奇跡のデジメンタル to マグナモン

Digi-Egg of Love
to Halsemon

愛情のデジメンタル to ホルスモン
Digi-Egg of Sincerely
to Shurimon

純真のデジメンタル to シュリモン
Digi-Egg of Knowledge
to Digmon

知識のデジメンタル to ディグモン
Digi-Egg of Honesty
to Submarimon

誠実のデジメンタル to サブマリモン

to Paildramon

to パイルドラモン
to Silphymon

to シルフィーモン
MagnaAngemon to Seraphimon
ホーリーエンジェモン to セラフィモン

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
Hawkmon/Digi-mental of Love
to Halsemon(/Holsmon)

to ホルスモン
Patamon/Digi-egg of Hope
to Pegasusmon(/Pegasmon)

to ペガスモン

Guilmon to Dukemon
ギルモン to デュークモン
Growlmon to WarGrowlmon(US)
グラウモン to メガログラウモン(米)
Growlmon to WarGrowlmon(JP)
グラウモン to メガログラウモン(日)

Renamon to Sakuyamon
レナモン to サクヤモン
Kyubimon to Taomon
キュウビモン to タオモン
Kyubimon to Taomon
キュウビモン to タオモン
Terriermon to SaintGargomon
テリアモン to セントガルゴモン

Gargomon to Rapidmon
ガルゴモン to ラピッドモン
Gargomon to Rapidmon
ガルゴモン to ラピッドモン
Gargomon to Rapidmon(JP)
ガルゴモン to ラピッドモン(日)
Lopmon toKerpymon
ロップモン to ケルビモン

Impmon to Beelzemon(US)
インプモン to ベルゼブモン(米)
Impmon to Beelzemon(JP)
インプモン to ベルゼブモン(日)
Cyberdramon to Justimon
Leomon to SaberLeomon
レオモン to サーベルレオモン

Sprits of Flame-Human to Agunimon
炎のスピリット-人形 to アグニモン-アクションフィギュア
Sprits of Flame-beast to BurningGreymon
炎のスピリット-獣形 to ヴリトラモン-アクションフィギュア
Spirits of Light-Human to Lobomon
光のスピリット-人形 to ヴォルフモン-バンダイ変形フィギュア

Spirits of Light-Beast to KendoGarurumon
光のスピリット-獣形 to ガルムモン
Spirits of Thunder to Beetlemon
雷のスピリット-人形 to ブリッツモン]
Sprits of Flame-Human to Agunimon/Aldamon
(Costume Change Figure)(HK)

炎のスピリット-人形 to アグニモン-アクションフィギュア


Agumon to WarGreymon
アグモン to ウォーグレイモン
Gabumon to MetalGarurumon
ガブモン to メタルガルルモン
Keramon to Diablomon
ケラモン to ディアボロモン
Tailmon to Angewomon
テイルモン to エンジェウーモン


Comparison of 2 WarGreymon
2 ウォーグレイモンの比較

New WarGreymon-
(Original Designer's Edition)
Imperialdramon(Fighter Mode)
Alphamon Ouryuken

Imperialdramon(Paladin Mode)
New MetalGarurumon-
(Original Designer's Edition)


Alphamon Ouryuken

Action Figure
Tyrannomon[ティラノモン] Meramon[メラモン] Zudomon[ズドモン] Flamedramon[フレイドラモン]

Flamedramon[フレイドラモン] Raiddramon[ライドラモン] Stingmon[スティングモン] Submarimon[サブマリモン]

Pegasusmon[ペガスモン] Nefertimon[ネフェルティモン] Guilmon[ギルモン] Growlmon[グラウモン]

Renamon[レナモン] Kyubimon[キュウビモン] Terriermon[テリアモン]モン] Gargomon[ガルゴモン]

Impmon[インプモン] Calumon[クルモン] MegaGargomon


G.E.M. Series/MegaHouse Figures
Taichi Yagami/Agumon
八神 太一/アグモン
& Yamato Ishida/Gabumon
石田 ヤマト/ガブモン
Hikari Yagami/Tailmon
八神 ヒカリ/テイルモン
& Takeru Takaishi/Patamon
高石 タケル/パタモン
Koushiro Izumi/Tentomon
泉 光子郎/テントモン
& Mimi Tachikawa/Palmon
太刀川 ミミ/パルモン
Sora Takenouchi/Piyomon
武之内 空/ピヨモン
& Joe Kido/Gomamon
城戸 丈/ゴマモン

Angemon/Takeru & Angewomon/Hikari
エンジェモン/高石 タケル & エンジェウーモン/八神 ヒカリ

デジヴァイス Ver.15th
DIGIVICE VER.15th Content
デジヴァイス Ver.15th 内容
DIGIVICE VER.15th Anime Original Color
デジヴァイス Ver.15th アニメオリジナルカラー
D-Ark VER.15th
デジヴァイス Ver.15th アニメオリジナルカラー

Deluxe Playset
Agumon Deluxe Playset
Flamedramon Deluxe Playset
Hawkmon Deluxe Playset
Guilmon Deluxe Playset

Renamon Deluxe Playset
Terriermon Deluxe Playset
Impmon Deluxe Playset
Cyberdramon Deluxe Playset

Leomon Deluxe Playset

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Box of Shiny MagnaAngemon Box of Growlmon Box of Sakuyamon Box of Leomon

Box of D-Real Gargomon Box of D-Power Digivice Box of Kaiserleomon Box of Gallantmon Chaos Mode

Terriermon to SaintGargomon
Variation of Agumon
[Black, Original, Shiny]
Comparison of 3 MagnaAngemon Patamon to Angemon

LEGO NXT Mindstorms Digivice Pendulum Cheater Digimon Colored figure set
Digimon Capsule Toys
O-Digivice Light-up Model
初代デジヴァイ 発光モデル

Holographic card-Gallantmon/ Dukemon Crimson Mode XV-mon[エクスブイモン] &
Digimon Capsule Toys Vol.2

Digimon Capsule Toys Vol.3

Battle Figure-Agunimon &
-アグニモン & ヴォルフモン]
Interactive Guilmon
Tag and Emblems-8 Crests
[デジモン タグと紋章]
Complete Selection Animation(CSA) DIGIVICE

Digimon Card Game D-Ark ver. 15th Edition Digimon Mini-world

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