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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Unboxing of Digimon Card Game D-Ark 15 th Edition[デジモンカードゲームデイーアークver. 15th Edition]

Last time, I updated the review of new D-ark digivice. Meanwhile, Bandai also launched another Digimon Tamer product.

That is Digimon Card Game D-Ark version. It is the card box used by Takato in Digimon Tamer!

The paper box art design is nice which come with Guilmon's picture.

And the tin box highly return the details of the card box which show in animation.

Want to know more? Check it out now!

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Unboxing Video:


The tape is come with red colour. Don't know does it related to Takato?

The box has printed [デジタルモンスターカードゲームデイーアークver. 15th Edition] on the side.
It means Digital Monster Card Game D-Ark version 15th Edition.

This is the how the transportational box look like. A plain brown box.

Let's open it!

It warps by a very nice design cardboard. You can see the front has Guilmon.
And the back has the shadow of Terriermon, Guilmon and Renamon.

The back also pretend it is a cookie box.

This is what the tin box include. 2 pack of cards and a booklet.

And the box is empty for most of the space.

Nicely design booklet.

There are 32 Digimon cards in total, include 15 holo effect card and 17 normal cards.

And the other pack include 2 plastic 3D holo effect evolution cards and 1 animated evolution card.
Also 32 option cards(3 holo effect cards and 27 normal card.

And this set of card also include those 5 cards in D-Ark Digivice.(Upper is the cards come with Digivice.)

And they act as the set come together. Isn't it very nice?

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!


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