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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2nd Anniversary! When you first watch my blog?

Hello! I'm happy that my blog has a 2nd anniversary update!

This has been a long time since I changed my icon last time.

I am so busy on recent day. I'll try to upload more reviews before the launch of Digimon Adventure Tri.

Hope you will enjoy my reviews!

Although my blog view number is still a little, wish you could leave more comment on my blog if you see this sentence.

Or you may leave you time when you first watch my blog!^^

Box Review-Electroplating Garurumon-Bandai Digimon Adventure Figure[ガルルモン-デジモンアドベンチャー]

After the deluxe playset, there will be 2 digivolving figure box reviews.

The first one is Garurumon, and the coming one is Kabuterimon.

Both of them are electroplating version. They are much rare then general version.

I think they just launched in US only. They launched in 2002, which over 10 years history.

Different from the previous digivolving box. These two don't contain the holo card.

But they are really worth for collection.

Let's see Garurumon first!

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bandai Digimon Deluxe Playset-Leomon-Box Review[バンダイプレイセット-レオモン]

It is a long time for the last box review.

This time, you will see the deluxe playset of Leomon[レオモン].

Same as the digivolving figure, it can evolve into SaberLeomon[サーベルレオモン].

It comes with 4 tiny figure as the other deluxe playset did.

The 4 figures are Juri, Gallantmon:Crimson Mode, Ebonwumon & Azulongmon.

Let's enjoy this figure!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bandai Digimon Frontier Toys-Spirits of Thunder/Beetlemon(/Blitzmon)[デジモンフロンティア玩具-雷のスピリット-人形/ブリッツモン]

Let's come up with the last Digimon Frontier I will show you this time.

This is Beetlemon(/Blitzmon), which digivolve from Spirits of Thunder[雷のスピリット].

The owner of the Spirits of Thunder is J.P. Shibayama(/Shibayama Junpei)[柴山 純平].

At this moment, you may view back my other Digimon Frontier figure review.

Agunimon, BurningGreymon, Lobomon, KendoGarurumon.

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spirits of Light-Beast to KendoGarurumon(/Garummon)-Bandai Transformation Figure/Toy[光のスピリット-獣形 to ガルムモン-バンダイ変形玩具]

After the 3 latest figures review, let's go back to the digivolving figures.

Following by the Lobomon, here will be the beast form of Spirits of light.

Again, It is the Spirits of Light which are held by Koji Minamoto[源 輝二].

But this one is beast form instead of human form.

It is more powerful, and is similar to Garurumon.

Do not miss the last 04 review if you love Digimon Frontier series.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

S.H.Figuarts-X-Evoltuion Royal Knight-Alphamon Ouryuken-Review[アルファモン:王竜剣]

In the last February, Bandai has launch 3 figures. Two of them are Takeru & Hikari.

And the remaining is Alphamon from SHF series!

Alphamon is 2nd SHF digimon figure. The 1st one is Imperialdramon(Fighter Mode).

This is the last Royal Knight(13th) as mentioned in the animation-X-Evolution.

It is originally the branch of Digimon main story, where a place can only survive with X-Antibody.

Dorumon get Leomon's X-Antibody and digivolve into Alphamon finally.

If you want to know more about Alphamon, watch Digital Monster X-Evolution[デジタルモンスター ゼヴォリューション] once.

Now, let's move back to this figure.

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