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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

S.H.Figuarts-X-Evoltuion Royal Knight-Alphamon Ouryuken-Review[アルファモン:王竜剣]

In the last February, Bandai has launch 3 figures. Two of them are Takeru & Hikari.

And the remaining is Alphamon from SHF series!

Alphamon is 2nd SHF digimon figure. The 1st one is Imperialdramon(Fighter Mode).

This is the last Royal Knight(13th) as mentioned in the animation-X-Evolution.

It is originally the branch of Digimon main story, where a place can only survive with X-Antibody.

Dorumon get Leomon's X-Antibody and digivolve into Alphamon finally.

If you want to know more about Alphamon, watch Digital Monster X-Evolution[デジタルモンスター ゼヴォリューション] once.

Now, let's move back to this figure.

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Unboxing Video:

Assemble of Acessaries Video:

Extra Video with WarGreymonX:


First of all, let's review from the most outside, the brown transportation box.
It has similar size with Omegamon & Imperialdramon(Fighter Mode).
The name is printed on the box to recognise the contents.

The art of the box is really great picture!! It is awesome!
It show the power of Alphamon!

And the main character of our today review.

The outlook(front and back) of Alphamon.

Assemble with weapon(Ouryuken) which change from Owryumon.

The close up of his face. The box art and the real figure.

Different angle, different lighting.

Ready to fight!

Who will be the winner?

Alphamon & Imperialdramon.

And his friend-WarGreymonX come with Alphamon.

You may question that where is this WarGreymon come from.
This is a non-official product. It is created by some fans(coterie work).

Since it is may by resin, it is very easy to break. So you will not see I pose some great posture.
But, I will may it into a great video. Just wait to see it in my Youtube channel.

And here is a bonus picture~

There are some defect on the colouring. A bit "gold dot" on the weapon & his foot.

Sure, here is a Bandai's marking on the foot.

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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