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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hikari/Tailmon & Takeru/Patamon-G.E.M. Digimon Figure-Brief look[八神 ヒカリ/テイルモン&高石 タケル/パタモン-メガハウスG.E.M.デジモン

Yesterday, there is a exciting news.

The figure of Takeru Takaishi[高石 タケル] & Hikari Yagami[八神 ヒカリ] from Megahouse have launched!

They come with Patamon[パタモン] & Tailmon(/Gatomon)[テイルモン].

And I would like to share this happiness with you.

And you can see the last year figures, Taichi & Yamato.

Let's see this likely couple match figures.

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Breif Video:

Takeru & Patamon Video:

Hikari & Tailmon Video:

All 4 Figures Video:


The front and the back of the boxes.

2 sides of the 4 boxes.

Also, the other 2 boxes.

The outlook of Takeru & Patamon. The detail and colouring is very good.

You may change the face of Takeru and put Demidevimon on his head.

The plastic package of Hikari.

Outlook of the figure.

You can take Patamon off.
High five with Tailmon.

Takeru and Hikari act like couple. ❤

Tailmon, Patamon & Demidevimon.

Patamon high five with Demidevimon!

On the base, you will see the manufacturing year.(Takeru & Hikari are 2014, while Taichi & Yamato are 2013)
And also their traits. (Takeru-Hope, Hikari-Light)

All the 4 figures!

And the coming photos may corrupt your childhood.

Tailmon head with Taichi body. Takeru with Yamato body.

Yamato head with Takeru body. Demidevimon with Hikari body, also Hikari head with Tailmon body.(Its really cute!)

Strange combination!

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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