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Saturday, February 7, 2015

**2500 Subscribers in YouTube Channel**My Tiny Figures Collection Review[デジモンタイニーフィギュア]

After a year, 1500 more subscribers subscribe my channel.

Nowadays, I have over 2500 subscribers. Thanks for all your support.

Your subscription is a kind of action to support me.

50 subscribers-06/13
100 subscribers-07/13
250 subscribers-09/13
500 subscribers-10/13
1000 subscribers-03/14
2500 subscribers-02/15

Hope you enjoy my work.

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!


Although they are not playable, they are designed very well! You can see their details outline.
They are great for appreciation.

Just enjoy the pictures.(You may click the photos to view higher resolution pictures.)

Some evolution line:

Season 1:Agumon & Piyomon

Season 1:Patamon & Gatomon , Season 1 Movie:Diablomon

Seaon 2: Digi-mental

Season 2:Veemon & Arukenimon & Mummymon

Seaon 2 Movie: Lopmon & Terriermon

Season 3: Terriermon & Lopmon

Some more else pictures.

Magnadramon with an old holocard.

I am not sure they belongs Bandai or not. Generally, I think right one is not Bandai's.
You may judge the pictures by yourself.

Although 2 Calumon's colour are different, they both from Bandai.

And the last photo of this article, you may click it for a 720p resolution picture.

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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