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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

D-Ark 15th Digivice Unboxing Review-Digimon Tamer-Takato[松田 啓人]/Dukemon-Red and Ruki[牧野 留姫]/Sakuyamon-Blue

Bandai has launched new digivice again! This time, it is D-Ark digivice from Digimon Tamer.

And it contents red and blue colour, red version is Takato Matsuda(松田 啓人)'s digivice, blue is Makino Ruki(牧野 留姫)'s digivice.

Just like many years ago, each digivice come with some Digimon Trade Card.

Their packages are different from the previous one. I think it is the most beautiful box art digivice up to now!

The box art is really nice and amazing.

Want to know more? Check it out now!

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Unboxing Video:


As usual, the digivice come with a plain white transportational box.

And this time, the warning statement is stick on the outer box.

That is the ultimate cool box art! The picture of Dukemon and Sakuyamon is really awesome!

The colour version is also cool! Isn't it?

Even the top, it is not just red and blue, it has some words print on it. Very nice design!
The bottom is the Japanese warning statement. (The outer box said age3+ but the inner box said age15+. So be careful.)

Not only the outer side of the box has picture. This box is defferent form the previous digivice.
The previous are pack with transparent plastic box. This one using paper cardboard. And there is one more picture in the box.
It has a magnet allow you to open like above.

And it has a Japanese intrustion manual and 5 digimon trade card.

Those 5 cards are the same. That's mean you may have one digivice to get all 5 different cards.

As a Digimon big fans, I got a old version D-Ark digivice.

Actually, they are almost the same. Unless the top of the digivice.
The old version has a slot allow you to connect with WonderSwan. But of course, you can't find a WonderSwan nowaday.
So Bandai remove the slot. And made the digivice look more perfect.

And of course, one is made in 2016, another is made in 2001. 15th year of the first launch of D-Ark.

And here is the picture of all my 15th Digivice.(Ya, there shall be D-3 digivice review coming...)

The box is really nice!

Keep looking on my channel, you will see the D-3 digivice review soon.

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Dear sir.
    Are you interested in selling. your digivice?
    I'm sorry if i offend you but i'm really interested in them and i just happen to know them now. so it's so hard for me to find them now. i wonder if sir is willing to sell them?


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