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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Digimon Digivice ver.15th Content Review[デジモン デジヴァイス Ver.15th内容-15周年記念バージョン]

After the unboxing review, of course, I will have a content review.

This article will be the collection of this 15th anniversary version digivice.

If there are many people want to see more about this digivice, I will try my best to post more(seem not much people).

You will see what this digivice show in my blog.

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Content Review Video:


You see 3 button, right? Actually they are 4 button. Left one have been divided in to up & down function. You will see the demo in my video.
The right top is confirmed(A). The right down is cancel(B).
The above screen is the Normal Screen with your partner

When you press B, you will enter the main menu. The 1st one is Status.

After you enter Status, there are 4 option, DP, WIN, HP, ATTACK.
You need DP to evolve you partner.(Champion & Ultimate need 3 for each stage. Mega need 7 for direct evolution.)
You can get DP through battle with inner enemy(meat+DP/100step get 1 DP).

You need to win several battle to evolve your partner(Champion=10,Ultimate=25=15+10,Mega=40=15+25,Omegamon=55)

If you have more partner, you may change in Status. And here is the HP(Hit Point) of Gabumon.

Attack of Gabumon.

And the 2nd function is Map.

The 3rd function is Medical. When your partner beats down by eneny, they may get injured. You need to heal them before you go on your trip.

The 4th function is Battle. You can connect with other digivice and gain number of WIN. It let your partner win faster.
You can choose what lever your digimon be in the fight(Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, Mega, Omegamon. It won't charge your DP)

After your are ready to connect the other digivice, you may press A.

When you are in Normal Screen, press B. You can see your steps. This is the steps Left(Left pic). And the step counter(Right pic).

When you are in Normal Screen, press Up, you will enter time mode and see the presence time.

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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