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Friday, December 26, 2014

Digimon 15th Anniversary-New Original DIGIVICE VER.15th(デジヴァイス Ver.15th) Unboxing Review

Merry Christmas! Today is boxing day. Have you unbox all your presents?

I have a special present from Bandai! It is the Digivice Ver.15th.

Since this is the 15th anniversary of Digimon TV annimation, Bandai launches this digivice as a memorial.

Now, let's see its package first. The content review need more time for preparation.

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Box Review Video(Part 1):

Box Review Video(Part 2):


Due to late order, I just got Yamato's digivice(blue) at the moment. Taichi's(orange) shall come in next month.
First branch of order will come will a special pin. If you buy a pair, you will get a extra Omegamon pin.

So I only have Yamato's one(cry...cry...TAT)

This is the transportaion box to prevent damage during transportation.

Simple and clear design.

Let's see our main focus!!

The back printed with silver colour(Bitmap of the Rookie and Mega form of Digimon you may use), and the bottom has warning statement.

On one side, you will see Omegamon's bitmap. On the other side, you will see Diablomon's bitmap.

Japanese mannuel(you can see the content in my part 2 video)

The outlook of new and old digivice are exactly the same.(I just have US version, I am welcome anyone give me a JP version for the review.=P)

The 15th version's case has shiny powder mix in it. And have shiny effect.

(Source:,hope brother won't mind.=P)
This is the picture by someone. You can see their colour is different. New one's colour is lighter.

The marking on the back is big different.

That's all for the outlook review. I shall make the next review ASAP. Btw, Merry Christmas!

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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