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Sunday, January 12, 2014

New vs Old!! Bandai Digimon D-Arts Wargreymon Comparison-Dfferences between 2 figures[Original(First) vs Original Designer's Edition]

After the comparison of 3 MagnaAngemon, you will see another comparison review.

The original Wargreymon(old one) is launched in 2010/11.

That is the comparison between the new D-Arts and the old D-Arts, Wargreymon figures.

They are similar to the different version of MagnaAngemon. Their differences are only occured on the colouring.

And I gonna show you what is the change from old one to new one.

So, let's check out how are their differences!

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Comparison Video:

Before the comparison, first see their cool photos!

They both are Wargreymon's figure. Could you figure out their differences?

1. Their instruction sheet's graphs are the same but the position have some amendment. 2. They have sightly different metal gold colour.

3. And the metal grey(steel) colour are different. Old one is pure single colour. New one is colour with shadow. 4. The new one has more muscle details(have shadow to show the gradation).

5. Their hair have different red color. Old one is Matte. And new one is bright. 6. Old one is tend to purple colour under compare. New one is metal blue.

7. Old one has deep red(/brown) belt. New one has blue belt. 8. Old one's crest on the shield wing is blue and the line is thinner. New one's crest is red(/brown) and have thicker line.

9. Their Gaia Force Fireball are also different in colour. Old one has gradation on the colouring. New one has a light reflected colouring. It will reflected a deep and shallow colour under different light sources.

10. And lastly, the statement on their foot are in different order.

5 of my Wargreymon collections!!

Extra Video:
(Joints Movement Demonstration)

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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