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Monday, June 17, 2013

Warp Digivolving Figure-Cyberdramon[サイバードラモン] to Justimon[ジャスティモン]

This is the figure that Cyberdramon digivolving into Justimon.

He first appears in the Digimon Tamer.

His partner is Ryo Akiyama(秋山 遼/Akiyama Ryō)(The world champion of digimon card game).

Ryo has appeared in Digimon Adventure, 02, Tamer and Adventure V-Tamer. He is a mystery person in Tamer.

Cyberdramon is powerful with ultimate level while his first come out.

He is the only one digimon can stay ultimate level after degenerating. This shows out he is very special from the other digimon.

Let's see this cool figure NOW!

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Warp Digivolving Video:

Warp Degenerating Video(Quick Review):

Warp Digivolving in Photo:
1. The outlook before digivolving. 2. First, lower his wing and pull up his body.

3. Turn the wing to Cyberdramon side. 4. Open Cyberdramon's chest.

5. Take out Justimon's head and turn 180° of Cyberdramon's head. 6. Turn 180° of Justimon's head. And lift down Cyberdramon's ears.

7. Hide Cyberdramon's head into the chest. 8. Close his chest.

9. Put back the wing into the hole. And pack up Cyberdramon's arm inward. 10. Stick upper wings on lower wings.

11. Turn 180° of his hand knife. 12. Pull out Justimon's arms.

13. The form of Justimon is FINISHED! 14. You may change Justimon's right arm into another form. You need to take off the original arm first.

15. Put "3 finger" arm on. 16. FINISHED!


The outlook of Cyberdramon.

The outlook of Justimon.

Let's see some interesting picture.

WOW! Cyberdramon get 4 arms!!! 6 limbs in total.

(pictures from internet)
Do you think that he is similar to Machamp?

Cyberdramon,"RIDER KICK!"

"Yes, I win!"

"May I clasp you hand?"

This is the approval form Bandai's product.

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Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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