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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Warp Digivolving Figure-Digi-Egg of Knowledge[知識のデジメンタル] to Digmon[ディグモン]

This is Digmon(NOT Digimon) digivolving from the Digi-Egg(Armor) of Knowledge.

It is a digivolving form of Armadillomon.

Digi-Egg is the main characteristic of Digimon Adventure 02.

Let's see this cool figure NOW!

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Warp Digivolving Video:

Warp Degenerating Video(Quick Review):

Warp Digivolving in Photo:
1. Digmon' s outlook. 2. Take off the cover of his chest.

3. Lift up his ear. 4. Pull out his drill. And turn 180° of his head.

5. Open his back and pull out his lower arms. 6. Take out his two upper arms.

7. Pull straight his arms. After taking out two arms, close his back. 8. The outlook after pulling his arms straight.

9. Pull up his two legs. So that he can stand higher. 10. Put back two badges on his hand drills.

11. Mortise and tenon are in the hand drill and the badge 12. Nortice the correct direction of the badge.



The form of Digi-Egg. And the photo of my tiny Armadillomon figure.

After digivolving, Armadillomon grows much larger!

This is the approval form Bandai's product.

Digmon says "Remember to come back this blog! There are lots of fun!"

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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