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Friday, December 18, 2015

Digimon G.E.M. Figures-Sora Takenouchi/Piyomon& Joe Kido/Gomamon[武之内 空/ピヨモン&城戸 丈/ゴマモン]

After almost 2 years, all 8 children from Digimon Adventure 01 have launched.

The last 2 figures is Sora Takenouchi(武之内 空)/Piyomon(ピヨモン)& Joe Kido(城戸 丈)/Gomamon(ゴマモン) from Digimon G.E.M. series.

They launched in 2015/10.

You will see all 8 children together soon. Don't miss it.

Also, Complete Selection Animation DIGIVICE is coming. You may enjoy the sound collections of these 8 children.

Want to know more? Check it out now!

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Unboxing Video:

Assembly Video:


Again, these 2 figures come with transportation box. And luckily, Sora is protected by the box.
I got some crease of Sora's one. You can see it from the unboxing video.

The name of the inner item is printed on the box.

Sora and Joe. Same style as before.

2 sides have hexagon open windows.

This is the inner package.

And their back.

After Takeru and Hikari, there are no longer battle game card come with the figures.
This time, Sora and Joe come with different promotional cards. Sora one is Ken and Wormmon.
Meanwhile, Joe is assemble guideline.

And the back is Angemon and Angewomon's promotion. They will come in 2016/02.
I have preorder these 2 figures. You will see the review in next year.

You can go back to the previous reviews of other characters from Digimon.
Taichi/Agumon, Yamato/Gabumon , Hikari/Tailmon, Takeru/Patamon & Koushiro/Tentomon, Mimi/Palmon.

Let's see the figures!

Sora & Piyomon:

This is how Sora and Piyomon look.

You can take down the base of Piyomon from the big stand.

Very cute Piyomon.

After you take it down, you can place Piyomon's position as you like.

Joe & Gomamon:

This is how Joe and Gomamon look.

Close up of their close picture.

This is another face of Joe. Don't you think he look like Brock[タケシ] form Pokemon?

His glasses can take off too.

Here are all the parts of Joe and Gomamon.

Exchanged with the bag part.

Close up with Joe and Gomamon.

Gomamon's own picture.


Sora and Joe.

You may put Gomamon on Piyomon stand.

Sora's and Joe's stand have different size again.
Also, showing their traits.(Sora-Love, Joe-Reliability)

The manufacture year is printed under the name.

A unknown number on the bottom of the outer box.

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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