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Monday, November 30, 2015

Digimon S.H.Figuarts-Original(D-Arts) vs Chaos Dukemon/Chaos Gallantmon[カオス デュークモン]-Comparison between 2 Figures

After the old Dukemon, it's time to see the new ChaosDukemon.

In few days before, Bandai launched this ChaosDukemon.

And I definitely want to show you what is the difference between the original one and this Chaos version.

This time, ChaosDukemon turns into S.H.Figuarts series instead of D-Arts.

But is there any difference between them?

Reveal the answer by yourself!

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Unboxing Video:

Assemble Video:

Comparison with Dukemon(D-Arts):


First of all, let's start from the most outside, the brown transportation box.
The box is standard size with other Digimon figures (e.g. Omegamon & Imperialdramon(Fighter Mode), Alphamon & Imperialdramon(Paladin Mode)).
The name is printed on the box to recognise the contents.

The picture is really cool that you never see such image in other place!

And here is the back and 2 sides of the box.

And this is the inner content of ChaosDukemon.
If you remember the Dukemon well, you will know that the his background cardboard is black.

It divided into 2 decks. The first deck of course ChaosDukemon. Another deck is his cloak and the stand.

This is our cool ChaosDukemon with full armor!

"I am your lord!"

"Dark Knight"

If you own a Dukemon figure, you already know that his should joint is two stage movability.

The problem of his foot doesn't fix. His foot still cannot contact the ground completely.

This is the big close up of ChaosDukemon's head.

This is his neck joint which connect his head.

※※All the Right(/down) part will be the ChaosDukemon※※
And the coming part, I will show you the colour difference between Chaos and origianl.

Let's start from there box.

Both have very cool photos on the box. Their open window position place at the same on 2 boxes.

In fact, their box arts style are very similar.

And 2 sides of the box.

Not only the box, ChaosDukemon uses the same picture of Dukemon on instruction sheet. Only the name and series have difference.
(Left is ChaosDukemon(S.H.Figuarts). Right is Dukemon(D-Arts).)

They have identical face.

Same accecessories of extra forearm and palm.

Identical hair. One is some reddish shadow on white, another is black in colour.

Their huge and symbolic shield. You can see ChaosDukemon's does not paint on "Zero Unit"

Their back and full armor form.

I could tell you honestly. They are exactly the same. The only difference is the colour.
All their structure, packaging is identical.

Have a friend punch. And the war is going to start!

Since they are identical, of course you can exchange their parts!

Look like the Getter-2 Robo now. And he can hold 2 big shield at the same time.

Strongest shields against strongest lances. What will happen?

Sure, here is a Bandai's marking on the foot.
But Bandai rather lazy. Its still mark 2012 on ChaosDukemon's foot.

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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