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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Digimon G.E.M. Figures-Koushiro Izumi/Tentomon& Mimi Tachikawa/Palmon[泉 光子郎/テントモン&太刀川 ミミ/パルモン]

I am sorry that I make you wait so long.

I am busy in last few month. And it's time to review this 2 loveable figures.

These are Digimon G.E.M. series of Koushiro Izumi/Tentomon(泉 光子郎/テントモン) & Mimi Tachikawa/Palmon(太刀川 ミミ/パルモン).

They launched in 2015/06.

In coming October, you will see the last 2 characters from Digimon Adventure 01. Don't miss it.

Want to know more? Check it out now!

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Unboxing Video:

Assembly Video:


This is the first time of Digimon G.E.M. series come with a transportation box.

All the details have printed on the box. You can identify the content easily.

This is how the 2 figures look like.

Let's enjoy the box art of Koushiro & Mimi's boxes.
You can go back to the previous reviews.
Taichi/Agumon, Yamato/Gabumon & Hikari/Tailmon, Takeru/Patamon.

This is the inner package.
In the previous series, a game card is coming with the first branch order.
This time, it comes with a promotion card only.

The front is the promotion of Data1 & Data2 series. The back is the promotion of Digimon Adventure tri.

Let's see the figures!

Koushiro & Tentomon:

You may click the above photos, and use arrow key(←/→) to see the spinning.

The hair of Koushiro can take off and change his face.

The head of Tentomon can be taken off too. But the joint movability is quite good.

This is Koushiro's Pineapple computer.

Mimi & Palmon:

You may click the above photos, and use arrow key(←/→) to see the spinning.

You can rather change Mimi's pony tail into her remarkable hat.

The head is devided into 3 parts.

Again, her head can change with Palmon! Just like Tailmon and Taichi.


Do you know what Mimi is gonna do?

Wow! Mimi picks up Koushiro! How strong she is!

At last, the bases have their traits again.(Koushiro-Knowledge, Mimi-Sincerity)
And also the manufacture year.

A unknown number on the bottom of the outer box.

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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