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Friday, July 24, 2015

Digimon Transformation Toy(JP)-Hawkmon/Digi-mental of Love to Halsemon(/Holsmon)[ホークモン/愛情のデジメンタル to ホルスモン]

Other than Pegasusmon, I have another JP version digivolving figure.

This is Hawkmon(ホークモン)/Digi-mental of Hope(愛情のデジメンタル) to Halsemon(/Holsmonホルスモン).

In fact, when you have more and more digi-mental, you may combined them together, or create new digimon by you own. 

You may take reference from Pegasusmon.

Want to know more? Check it out now!

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Unboxing Video:

Evolution Video:

De-digivolving Video:

First, let's have a look on the box.

Front side.
Left side. Back and the right side.

Bottom part and the whole picture from the back.

From the picture, you can see there are another digimon package too.
Veemon/Flamedramon, Armadilomon/Digmon.

This is how Hawkmon look and the digi-mental after you put all part together.

This is how the inner package look.

Of course, there is a instrustion manual told you how to change its form.

These are the boxes of Hawkmon and Patamon. The box of Hawkmon is bigger than Patamon.

These are the right side of the boxes.

Every box have a number but I don't know what it means.

This is how the toy look like.

This is the outlook of Halsemon(Holsmon). Front.
Left side and back.

Right side.

The inner part of Halsemon.

The month of Halsemon can either open or close.

Sliding Halsemon.

Group photo of Hawkmon and Patamon.
Group photo of their digi-mental(digi-egg).

Evolution together!

Come on! Let's fight!

All the parts together.

Finally, the box and Halsemon.

The approval form Bandai's product.(At the head piece of Halsemon)

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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