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Friday, February 7, 2014

Megahouse Figure Review[メガハウス レビュー]-Taichi Yagami/Agumon[八神 太一/アグモン] & Yamato Ishida/Gabumon[石田 ヤマト/ガブモン]

In 2014, the first launched Digimon figure is not only digimon.

But also contain their tamers! They are Taichi Yagami with Agumon[八神 太一/アグモン] & Yamato Ishida with Gabumon[石田 ヤマト/ガブモン].

This 2 figure set launched in 2014/01.

Although they don't like the D-Arts digimon figures have joints to move, they still are great figure as they have very detailed outline.

Let's check out thess awesome figure with lots of photos!

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Taichi Yagami with Agumon[八神 太一/アグモン] Unboxing Video:

Yamato Ishida with Gabumon[石田 ヤマト/ガブモン] Unboxing Video:


First, take a look on the boxes.

Left one is the left side. And right one is the right side.

Let's open Taichi and Agumon's box.

The original face.

Face changed.(The hair style are the same.)

Agumon in seperate.

Yamato with Gabumon come following Taichi.

Original face.

Face changed.

It says that this card will only come with first production of the figure set. But most probably, you can get the card with all figure set.

The figures are detailed as you can see the digivices on their waist.

The bases have the creat of encourage and friendship.

Gold label represents Japenese version. White label represents Asia version.
They have different license in different area. But the contents is exactly the same.

The approval of Megahouse product. Although the manufacturer is Megahouse instead of Bandai this time, Megahouse is a sub-company of Bandai Namco Group.
That's mean these 2 figures are still Bandai's products.

Also, the base of the stand printed 2013 but the box printed 2014.

As their neck joint are the same, their head can also be exchanged.

Of course, don't miss Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon.


"How can you understand my feeling now."

Added @2-3-2014

This is the promotion available only in Japan.
There is a lucky draw of 100 extra Koromon if you buy pair of figures.
The information is printed on the upper slip of the box.

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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