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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Digimon LED Capsule Toys & Special Boxes-Vol.2[デジモンカプセル玩具 & 特別なボックス-Vol.2]

I will be busy in coming March and April so the update of my blog will rather be slow than before.

This time you can see so many Digimon items.

Those incude 3 pack of capsules and 4 special boxes.

One sets of these capsule are LED keychain. Do you want to know what boxes are they?

Just check out in the following pictures!

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Toys Review Video:


There will be 4 sets of digimon items.

The 1st one is LED keychain capsules.

There are total in 6 keychain in this set. They are Imperialdramon, Exveemon, Paildramon, Shakkoumon, Silphymon and 02.D-3 Digivice.

And I would like to demonstrate the light effect using Imperialdramon and the digivice.

The button is on the back of the keychain. You need to hold it tight for light emitting. And you may also see Bandai approval.

They both emit red light. Don't make mistake that they have light level adjustment. Just because different angle capturing.

The 2nd one is Digimon Adventure Capsule-Part 3.

This set contains Etemon, Megakabuterimon, Kabuterimon, Vamdemon, Angewomon, Tsunomon, Tentomon and Weregarurumon.

More detailed pictures of Megaabuterimon

The 3rd one is Digimon Adventure Capsule-Part 4.

This set contains Lillymon, Zudomon, Diaboromon, Metalgarurumon, Wargreymon, Omegamon, Garudamon and Magnaangemon.

Metalgarorurumon and Wargreymon are painted with metalic colour. But Omegamon is painted strange colour.

The back of Zudomon.

The 4th one is 4 special boxes.

Could you guess what these 4 boxes are?
Okay, it's time to revealed.

If you see the bottom left corner. You will know it is a sticker box.

And the other 4 sides of the boxes.

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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