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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bandai JP/US Version Comparison-Growlmon to WarGrowlmon(MegaloGrowlmon)[日/米国版の比較-グラウモンtoメガログラウモン]-Digimon Figure&Toy

After a day, you will see the Japanese version Growlmon digivolving figure.

Although both of them are Growlmon, they are definitely two different figure.

As usual, Japanese version give more details on design and colouring. But I think US version more similar to the animation.

Let's see the different between this two toys.

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Unboxing Video:

Digivolving & Comparing Video:

Degenerating Video:

Warp Digivolving in Photo:
1. The outlook before digivolving. 2. Pull out his claws. And turn his middle fingers 180°.

3. Like this. 4. Take off his shoulder skin.

5. Hide them inside his palms. 6. Loosen his fin/knife.

7. Filp out his knife and hold it in the hole. 8. Same as the back side.

9. Pull out his arm a little bit. 10. Lift up his long strip.

11. Open his chest and his back. 12. Pull down Growlmon's face.

13. Push Growlmon's hair inner. And turn up WarGrowlmon's horns. 14. Rotate 180° of the piece in his chest.

15. Close his chest.. 16. Take out the jetpack and chest armor.

17. Close his back. 18. Turn out the 2 jet engine and turn his chest armor pieces.

19. Lock the chest armor piece on the stick of shoulder joint. 20. Pull up the body from his legs.

21. Like this. 22. Pull straight his legs.

23. Like this. 24. FINISHED!

Comparison Between JP & US Version:

This is their face. There are more colour on the face of JP version.

Front and back of Growlmon.

Front and back of WarGrowlmon.

The size is the main different. US version is much smaller than JP version.


The outlook of the package.

You can put it back after you finish your joy with Growlmon.

And of course, there is a instruction manual. It has 2 sides. One side is for digivolving. Another side is for de-digivolving.

Outlook of Growlmon[グラウモン].

You may open his month.

Outlook of WarGrowlmon(MegaloGrowlmon)[メガログラウモン].

His head can turn up and downward.

WarGrowlmon can do leg split. And I am appreciate the passion of JP version. Eventhough the same part, they will have a marking(L/R).

The approval form Bandai's product.(At inner part of the chest piece)

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Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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