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Friday, January 29, 2016

Bandai Digimon[バンダイデジモン] S.H.Figuarts-D-Arts vs S.H.Figuarts(SHF) Omegamon/Omnimon[オメガモン]-Comparison between 2 Figures

Since Digimon Adventure tri. animation reboot, Bandai launches at least a new Digimon item every month.

This month, you can see the awesome Omegamon from S.H.Figuarts series!

5 years ago, Bandai launched Omegamon from D-Arts series.

After the animation broadcast, Bandai plan to make a new version Omegamon.

You can see that this one look more Cartoon like style.

How about the other differences else?

Let's check it now!

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Unboxing Video:

Assemble Video:

Comparison with D-Arts:


Once again, the figure come with the brown transportation box.
This time, its size is much smaller than the D-Arts Omegamon. You will know it later.

At the front, here is a cool Omegamon picture! And the back show you how the figure look like.

2 sides of the box.

Top and bottom.

As usual, there is a instruction manuel teaches you how to assemble the figure.

This is the inner package.

Come with the red cloak made by red cloth.

Outlook of Omegamon without cloak.

The installation of the cloak is a little bit tricky, You may take my picture as reference. And for sure, you can have you own style too.

The back without cover.

This is the rack of the cloak at the back. It is transparent and angle adjustable. You can pose your Omegmon's cloak by this tool.

Does this picture look familiar or not? If you are big fans of Digimon, you must know that!

It means you may exchange the position of his arms.

It's time to look at the most special part of this figure!!!
That's Taichi and Yamato stand next to Omegamon's shoulder. Return the scene of "Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!"
Taichi and Yamato look like soul of spirit and give the best effort to Omegamon.

Its shoulder joint is extendable.

That's our awesome Omegamon!

※※All the Right(/down) part will be S.H.Figuarts Omegamon※※
And the coming part, I will show you the difference between D-Arts and SHF of Omegamon.

Let's start from there box.

As I mentioned before, the box size of SHF is much smaller than D-Arts. Its thickness is much slimmer too.

Their back still the picture of the figure.

Let me recall your memory of D-Arts first. If you really don't remember how its look, you may watch my past review.

Although they both Omegamon, you can realise that they are 2 different figures. D-Arts looks more mature. SHF looks childhood.

In fact, I love the colour of SHF more. Its colour is attractive to me.

Close up of both figure.

Their chest piece have different colour and style. D-Arts is Ruby like surround by rose gold ring.
SHF is transparent blue insert into a yellow ring.

D-Arts' lower piece is movable, while SHF not.

Of course, their colour is huge different. D-Arts is metallic colour. SHF is simple light and warm colour.

They have the same characters on their sword which means "All Delete". It is the setting from official.

D-Arts' toe are electroplating gold colour. SHF is pale yellow.

Pure back without cloak.

Here is their weapon. Sword and canon.

Actually, D-Arts can assemble with SHF's sword. But not opposite.

Finally, which one you think is better?

Bandai marks its label on SHF's right foot this time. Do you still remember where did Bandai mark on D-Arts?

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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