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Monday, September 9, 2013

**250 Subscribers in YouTube Channel**D-3 Digivice Collection Review[D-3 デジヴァイス]

After a period, there are 250 subscribers subscribe my Youtube channel.

Thanks for all subscribers. Your subscription is a kind of action to support me.

This time I would like to show my D-3 Digivice collection!

There are not all variations of D-3, but I collect most of the version.

Hope you enjoy my work.

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!


Let's have a brief look on these D-3 digivices.

Front view:



Version1's circle button have right arror only. Version2's circle button have both left and right arror.

The D-3 version1 Green and Red have different on the insulating strip with the others.

Red one is on the back. But the others pass through left side's hole.

Only version1 are using LR44 x 2 battery. The otherelse are using CR2032 x 1 battery.

Illustrated Gallery:





Noctilucent Green(will light up in dark area after absorb sufficient light sourse)


Transparent Blue

Transparent Orange

Transparent Green

Transparent Silver

Silphymon[シルフィーモン] Colour

Shakkoumon[シャッコウモン] Colour

Imperialdramon[インペリアルドラモン] Colour

Seraphimon[セラフィモン] Colour(My 2nd favourite colour)

Rapidmon Armor[ラピッドモン] Colour

Terriermon[テリアモン] Colour(My most favourite colour!)

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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