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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Non-BANDAI Terriermon VS BANDAI Terriermon

Lovely Terriermon again!

WOW! Two Terriermon!

Um...They seem somewhere different.

Of course! One of them is made from BANDAI. Another one made from some China factory.
Let's see how they are distinct from another one.

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!

Warp digivolving video:

This is how the non-BANDAI terriermon digivolve. Actually, they are the same.

Comparing video:


Can you figure out which one is BANDAI's and which one not?
They are very similar at all. Although they have different green colour, you may not know which one is correct if you don't have both.

The left one comes from Bandai, and right one is not.

Let's see how they be different.

BANDAI's feet are full of plastic while non-BANDAI's are empty. Also, there are name with the manifacturing year and country.

Non-BANDAI's side grenades can be taken off.

Their stick are different.

Non-BANDAI's doesn't colour his nail.

Their belt's colour are different too.

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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