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Monday, April 27, 2015

Agumon Deluxe Playset-Box Review-Bandai Digimon Toy[アグモン-バンダイデジモンプレイセット]

The new episode of Digimon Adventure will launch on 6th May!

As the Digimon Adventure Tri. is coming, let's see some 01's toy.

So, you can see Agumon deluxe playset is the product I will review in this article.

Its package is far away from the previous deluxe playsets reviews.

It used one time sealed package. That's means you can't make it an orignal product after you open it.

And Now, let's see Agumon!

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!



The front side and the back card board of the box.(Due to collection reason, I won't open the box.)

The Left side of the box is a transparent design. While the otherside show the revolution line of Agumon to Greymon.
(You may digivolve into Greymon in this playset.)

Here are the 4 tiny figures included in this playset. They are Taichi, Wargreymon, Metalseadramon and Metalgreymon.

You can see a memorable picture with 7 digimon partner in Digimon Adventure 01.

The back show you how to play this toy and also the picture of Gabumon Deluxe Playset(which its eyes are also small...)

Of course, the bottom part is the barcode and the brief instruction of this toy.

Finally, the close up of Agumon.

Next time, I will back to digivolving figure. Don't miss the next review!

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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