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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Digimon - Guilmon(ギルモン) to Dukemon(デュークモン) Hybrid Evolution - Japanese Digivolving Figure

After last Japanese Digimon Tamers evolution figure sharing, I got the last Japanese Digimon Tamers digivolving figure finally!

It has been 4 years since Japanese Gargomon digivolving figure review.

I got Dukemon luckily. And it comes with very nice condition which also with box packaging.

Of course, you can see the comparison between US version and JP version.

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Want to know more? Check it out now!

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Sharing Video:


This is the box of the Japanese Dukemon evolution figure.
There are many US version on the internet, but it is rare to see Japanese version, especially with box.

This is the inner contents. This Dukemon come with red cloth cape. It is rare to see in most of the figure.

And I got all the 4 Japanese Digimon Tamers figures finally!!!
As I am a Digimon Tamers fans, this is a very good news for me!!

Here is the 2 sides of the box.

And also the bottom part, which is plain and clean. Only come with some backgroud pattern.

Here is Japanese Dukemon. Come with shiny weapon. Both the shield and lance plated with electro-plating.

And the outlook of Guilmon is also great!

The shield can act as the mirror!

You can see there are huge difference between US version(Left) and JP version(Right).
You can check it out in my video.

Whick face do you like more?

Not only the outlook, the shield is very different. But they can both put the red cape at the back of the shield.

US version's lance can turn smaller, and JP version lance is half red and half shiny.

If you remember well, the JP version Growlmon is bigger than US version.
But it is smaller for JP version Dukemon.

The US version look really tall comparing to JP version.

As always, here will be the Bandai logo on the figure(inner part Dukemon shield).
It produced in 2001, it is a old toy but still preserved in very good condition.

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

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