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Monday, December 16, 2013

Concept Show Room(CSR)-Simple and different ratchet that you can build (8547,9648,9695,10178...)

In the series of "Concept Show Room", I will share my creation with Lego.

There are so many different kind of ratchets created by Lego.

Most of them are using gear and stopped pawl.

But this time, I used another method to compile the function of ratchet by two "+" gear.

Let's check out how it work!

↓↓Click it for detailed information. Enjoy yourself!



It is the necessary 7 Lego part to build the ratchet. (The red lego part is used for fixing its positioin. In fact, there are only 6 lego part for the core function.)

This is the finished ratchet.

This is a further extension of usage from two ratchet. You may check out its function in my video.^_^

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Hi. I have a little question... Do you have instruction to LEGO 9648... My son got this lego, but without instruction and we can not buid anything... Please let me now if you can send scan of instruction on mail. I can not find it everywhere... Please help us :) Thanks. Kamila from PL :)


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